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Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Uyuni Lighting.

My candles have a slight difference in brightness?
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The unload voltage and loaded voltage are different depending on the choice of batteries (Alkaline or Lithium batteries). The battery characteristics of Alkaline batteries will give you a slightly brighter light.

How do I use and activate the timer function with the UYUNI Lighting Remote Control?
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To activate the timer while the candle is on, point the remote control at the candle and press the desired timer setting.

How do I turn on multiple multiple lights on the same remote?
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To turn on more than one candle at a time, point the remote control at the candles, press the ON button and hold it in until all the candles have turned on.

How to "reset" the timer function on the lights (so that it does not turn on at random times).
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To cancel/reset the timer, just turn off the candle using the buttom switch (turn cap on tapers)

Built-in timer on candlelight - how does it work?
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In timer mode the candle will turn on for 6 hours from the moment you activate it and then turn itself o for 18 hours, with the cycle repeating daily. To activate timer mode, slide the switch to the right into the 6HR TIMER position.

Light / heat sensitivity (they can stand in a window).
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Our UYUNI Lighting candles should be kept away from heat source
(including direct sunlight) that could cause the wax to soften, melt or catch fire.

What type of wax do you use on the candles.
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Our UYUNI Lighting candles are only made with 100% Virign Parafin Wax.

Who are you using as courier?
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Denmark (GLS), France and Benelux (DHL) rest of Europe (UPS).

What temperatures can my Uyuni candles withstand?
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All Uyuni Lighting candles that are made with wax should not be used or stored in temperatures lower than 0°C and above 35°C. Outdoor edition pillar candles should not be used or stored in temperatures lower than -10°C and above 40°C.