UYUNI-Candleholders-Marble Lantern-UL-30806-2
UYUNI-Candleholders-Marble Lantern-UL-30806-2
UYUNI-Candleholders-Marble Lantern-UL-30806-1
UYUNI-Candleholders-Marble Lantern-UL-30806-3
UYUNI-Candleholders-Marble Lantern-UL-30806-2
Marble Lantern
W8 x H17 cm


Crafted from luxurious, genuine marble, the versatile Marble Lantern is designed to accommodate three different types of candles depending on your needs and taste. Included with the Marble Lantern is a glass hurricane which magnifies the ambience and the play of light. The Marble Lantern is finished with a sophisticated brass-coloured rim, providing a timeless and elegant touch.

One Lantern, three candle sizes:
Max Ø6,1cm
Max Ø5cm
Max Ø4cm

Material: Marble, Glass, Metal Dimensions: W8 x H17 cm SKU: N/A Tag: