Outdoor Candle
W7,8 x H12,7 cm

DKK 299,00

The Outdoor Candle is a traditional candle in aesthetic only and has been created specifically for outdoor use. The design of the candle has recreated all the beauty and nostalgia of candlelight, while re- moving the risk associated with chemical compounds being released during the burning process.

Built in 6-hour Timer
Water-Resistant IPX4
Patent Pending 3D Flame

Uses 2 x C batteries (not included)
Battery Burn Time 1000+ hours

Can be used with the Uyuni Remote Control (sold separately):
4 x timer options: 4,6,8, & 10 hours
3 dimmer options

* Please note that Uyuni Outdoor Candles should not be stored or used at temperatures lower than -10°C or above 40°C.


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Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: W7,8 x H12,7 cm SKU: N/A