UYUNI-Tealight Candles-Tealight 400-W3,9 x H2 cm-UL-TE-WH39PR
Tealight 400 (No Wax)
W3,9 x H2 cm


Experience the extraordinary Tealight 400 Candle, now equipped with a brilliant battery life of approximately 400 hours. The new waxed-dipped design makes them slightly larger than a standard tealight, allowing you to get creative and use them as is, as they may not fit in snug standard tealight holders. Take command of the ambiance effortlessly, whether manually, through a remote control, or by utilising the convenient timer function. These tealights are unscented and thoughtfully designed, bringing you the epitome of safety and well-being.

Patent Pending 3D Flame
Uses 1 x CR2477 battery (incl.)
~400 hours battery life

Can be used with the Uyuni Remote Control (sold separately):
4 x timer options: 4, 6, 8 & 10 hours
3 dimmer options

Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: W3,9 x H2 cm SKU: N/A